Our production base in Zhejiang occupies a footprint of 579,500m², with manufacturing facilities accounting for 431,600m². We have established three highly organized industrial parks. Our facilities include a complete range of manufacturing and testing equipment to guarantee our products’ quality. Industrial Park Ⅰ has been configured to fabricate copper tubes, including standard copper tube, copper alloy tube, insulation copper pipe, and plastic coated copper pipe, etc.

Industrial Park II is utilized as the base of the Zhejiang Copper Processing Research Institute and the Pipe Fitting Department, the former specializes in copper processing, mechanical equipment, and mold manufacturing. The pipe fitting department focuses upon the production of copper fittings, brass fittings, and electronic communication products. Industrial Park III concentrates activities on the production of copper coil and Aluminum pipe.

The production line is consists of:
1. Melting
2. Continuous Casting
3. Milling & Rolling
4. Two/Three Cascade Line
5. Spinner Block
6. On-line Annealing
7. Inner-grooving
8. Level Winding & Eddy Detector
9. Final Annealing

Our copper coil products incorporate level wound coil, internally grooved copper tube, and pancake coil. The Aluminum pipe department completes the production of micro-channel Aluminum flat tube of parallel flow heat exchanger, as well as several varieties of Aluminum profiles. At Hailiang, we guarantee the high quality of our products by running them through a very rigorous quality control system which is outfitted with the industries most advanced testing equipment. Our testing equipment includes the image measuring machine, the optical emission spectrometer from THERMO (in USA), the X-ray thickness gauge from Hitachi (in Japan), the tensile testing machine, and the blasting testing machine, etc.

Copper Coil Production Workshop

Cathode Melting and Casting

Milling and Rolling

Milling and Rolling


Two/Three Cascade Line

Spinner Block

On-line Annealing

Inner Grooving

Inner Grooving

Rewinding and Eddy Current Flaw Detection

Annealing of Finished Products

Aluminum Product Workshop

Aluminum Multi-port Extrusions Production Workshop

  • 1-Raw material inspect
  • 2-Raw material input
  • 3-Moulds preheat
  • 4-Al bar heating
  • 5-Al bar peeling
  • 6-Extrusion
  • 7-Zinc coating
  • 8-Water-cooling
  • 9-Eddy current inspection
  • 10-Drying
  • 11-Tensioning
  • 12-Rolling
  • 13-Straightening/Cutting
  • 14-Checking
  • 15-Packaging
Pipe Fittings Production Workshop

Brass Fittings Production Workshop

Brass Fittings Production Workshop

Brass Fittings Production Workshop

Laboratory Testing

The image measuring instrument is intended for testing the product exterior, size, etc.

Direct-reading spectrometer for the analysis of various elements in metal materials

We employ an XRF coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of our products with a high level of precision. This also contributes to a more reliable quality of the test object.

The tensile testing machine is used primarily for testing the tensile performance of our aluminum products.

The bursting strength tester is used mainly for testing the safety performance of our aluminum products in a wide variety of harsh environments.


Aluminum Tube Warehouse

Straight Tube Warehouse

Copper Coil Warehouse